Shanowen Hall are dedicated to ensuring that we uphold the highest standards when it comes to resident awareness and cleaning to minimise the risks associated with COVID 19.


We have a Sanitising station on the ground floor and entry point to every residential building and in the laundry room in the complex.

We have a Sanitising Station in the reception area.

We have a janitor on site every day to clean and sanitise all touch points around the complex such as gate control panels, door control panels, stairwell handles etc.

All apartments are ordinarily deep cleaned prior to the arrival of new residents. This will now be followed up with a sanitising of all surfaces in the apartments.

All linens supplied will be new and left in packaging to provide reassurance to new arrivals.

We have appropriate signage up in common areas to remind residents to be mindful of hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

We will have directional signage on stairwells to help with social distancing as people exit and enter buildings.